Nearly 30 years ago Mirza Yousif Ahmed was started as a single man and single employee retail shop. Then in accordance with the growth of economy in Bahrain, he was started expansion of his business. Later he was converting his retail shop as a cold store. Moreover he acts as a distributor of food items and appointed 4 more employees.     

During 1999 ASWQ ALHELLI was open and Mirza yousif Ahmed was converts his sole proprietary ship in to partnership firm for starting new supermarket in the leased building and handed over the management to his sons. The new supermarket was started with the 20 staffs.Due to the continuous expansion and increase in volume of sales number of staffs are increased to 75. During year 2003 the firm was converting in to WLL Company. The same year new expansion work of the supermarket was started and it was completed in 2004. This expansion was facilitates to add new sections to the market.

During the year 2003 the company planed to diversify the operations. For this purpose company purchased new land at Tubli, and takes a building under construction on lease for starting new supermarket. Tubli supermarket was started on July 2006 and head office is also started function from tubli.