Terms & Conditions

  • Al Tawfeer Card is the Shoppers Savings Card, issued free of cost by Aswaq Al Helli.

  • Customer can accumulate discounts by using Al Tawfeer card on every purchases.  1% discount voucher can be redeemed at any time upon achieving a total purchase of B.D. 800/- and above.

  • Al Tawfeer Card is valid for 2 Years starting from January 2017 to December 2018.

  • No Discount will be given if the total purchase is less than B.D. 800 from January-2017 and December-2018.

  • The Last Date of discount redemption will be on    31-March-2019.

  • Purchases belong to 2017 and 2018 will not be carry- forwarded to 2019.

  • Purchase of Cigarettes or Promotional Offers such as Weekly, Monthly, etc. are excluded from the Total Discounts.

  • Al Tawfeer Card can be used any of the Aswaq Al Helli branches.

  • New Al Tawfeer Card can be issued from the Customer   Service of any of the Aswaq Al Helli Branch at any time.

  • Al Tawfeer discounts can be redeemed from the Customer Service upon presenting Original CPR Card.

  • Customers has to update their contact details upon redeeming the discount vouchers.


The above conditions can be amended or change by Aswaq Al Helli Management.